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i've got a white skinned friend that looks like michael jackson..   
10:00am 04/02/2004
  everything is official.. as of today i am officially a fall 2004 student at the university of louisville.  

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next question please..   
06:11pm 31/01/2004
mood: relieved
and suddenly, the college weight has been lifted off my shoulders.. it feels SO nice.
i can't wait to tell roy!!

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and if it means pouring my heart out to show you i love you then i will   
06:24am 28/01/2004
  man, i am sick. i think robyn gave me her whatevertheheckshehas. because i think i have it. and it was like the sickness that just hits you, ya know? i was driving home and i swallowed and it hurt so much, and since that swallow i've felt like wanting to die. blah.

and now i have to get up early tomorrow and put up stupid posters for the stupid winter homecoming where i know we are going to do shitty because they gave us THE shittest theme. i hate the sophomores. and their breath and chalky feet.

BUT, i love my sociology class, and i ran into ian at solano, and all my applications are DONE for college.

and i get to dress up and be babich today! everybody look out...

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you are worth everything i could ever give you   
12:32pm 16/01/2004
mood: happy
all seniors : my house on monday, 10am if you want to help with spirit week. be there, or be square.


sometimes i really look back on the past few years and i'm sad because i don't have what i once did.. but then sometimes, like last night, i realize that i love the place we are at now. now, i appreciate our relationship a billion times more. you compliment the person i am by just being the person you are.

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S C O T T !   
07:58am 10/01/2004
  SCOTT AKERS, i am kidnapping you on thursday february 12th. don't make plans, you are mine.  

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hey you, always on the run..   
03:42pm 03/01/2004
mood: grateful
i'm home. after a great week in london, i'm home. i'm broke and tired and already missing the beauty of it, but i'm home again and it feels really nice.
what a trip of a lifetime.. i met so many amazing people, saw so many amazing sites, and got to experience a whole new world. words can't even begin to decribe the beauty of each building in london.. the time and meticulous effort put into each structure. i got to see st pauls cathedral, westminster abbey, the towers of london.. i got to stand in the place princess diana got married, and then where her funeral took place. i got to see the biggest diamond in the world (530 karrots) and the plates king edward ate off of. the history of london is just beyond words.. it's amazing.
beyond the sites were the great people i met.. we snuck out, danced on party boats, rang in the new year, drank at pubs, and just had an amazing time. it was so weird that many of them i had never met, and by the end i felt as if i couldn't leave them. especially brandon.. brandon and i shopped until our legs couldn't take us to one more fcuk. we made it to 5 different fcuk stores alone, need i say more? i also bought a purse from harrods.. THE harrods. that is a shoppers dream. but really, bailey, alice, bri, and brandon made my entire trip complete, and i made lots of great memories thanks to them. and chance, who was the best in the world : ala-BAMA!
anyways, it was great. and now i have to go get ready for nick and rich's show tonight.. it's so nice to be home. :)

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game time game time!   
11:43pm 28/11/2003
  my boyfriend is home! and i got to hug him and kiss him and hold his hand and everything! and it's great! and i didn't even cut his hair, because i actually like it! and when did he learn how to dress? oh man! he's the bestest in the entire world.

i think i forgot what it was like to have someone around that actually loves me and cares for me and takes care of me like he does.

he's not allowed to go back home tomorrow. because then it's two whole weeks til i see him again, and that is WAY too long.

anyways, thanksgiving was good. my bestest friends in the entire whole world came up and surprised me and suddenly there were like, 15 people at my house hanging out. they make me laugh, because we are such assholes. it was super super fun though.. so thanks guys. you are the bestest friends in the entire world. seriously.

i'm off to bed..

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"did you hear about the kid that died?" "i don't think he did" "well almost died"   
06:51pm 21/11/2003
mood: indescribable
i'm never coming home.


i'm in love with this place.

<3 <3 <3 <3

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i'm gonna scissor kick you in the face!   
10:55pm 16/11/2003
mood: giddy
i didn't know one person could make me so happy.

monday - practice
tuesday - grad night dinner
wednesday - practice
thursday - leave for north carolina
friday - meetings with duke and nc state; dance with darin
saturday - nc state game; movie night with darin
sunday - impact and champion
monday - come home
wednesday - rich comes home

so excited.
so much fun to be had.

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. . . . . .   
07:45pm 14/10/2003
mood: hopeful
i threw it out there, now it's all on you to respond.

my heart is in YOUR hands, where it's always been.
i hope you are gentle.

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attn all seniors..   
04:20pm 06/10/2003
  tomorrow at my house we are starting on homecoming decorations. five pm, be there or be square.  

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you ran into the pillow!   
11:32pm 04/10/2003
  make that two awesomely great nights..

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drink bacardi, freak somebody..   
06:21pm 29/08/2003
  mud wrestling on monday at 7pm.. BE THERE.

i'm gonna be in l.a. for the weekend.. EEEPPP! call the cell if ya needa.
otherwise, see ya monday.

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life is so easy with you   
09:22am 10/08/2003
  so i think a real update is needed..
cheerleading is going good.. we had camp for vanden all this week, and on wednesday all the girls stayed at my house. that was such a good thing for everyone, because it made everyone totally cool with each other. i mean, the difference between wednesdays practice and thursdays was HGUE. as a senior all i wanted this year was to have a good year and not have all the younger girls hate the seniors like we did when we were sophomores.. and it's not like that at all. now it's just like a big family, complete with tons of stupid inside jokes and hella laughs. i don't think it could have gone any better if i tried.
as for south bay, it's going awesome. we are working working working, but roy is happy with me lately and it feels really good. he wrote me the most amazing letter of recommendation for uca staff, i was just blown away. he's the best.
friday night rich left for tennessee, and i mean, it was hard, but it was ok at the same time. i miss him already, just because he's been more than a perfect friend to me in the last year.. he's been there for me through everything ya know.. and now i have to go back to everything before his friendship, and that kinda sucks. it's going to be ok though.
i can't wait for my year to start so i can just busy myself with EVERYTHING. i just want to focus on everything i need to do, and if i don't have time to hang out with people and stuff hopefully i won't get caught up in everyone elses drama. hopefully this year will be my year for me, instead of me doing everything for everyone else. it's my senior year ya know, and i have a lot of shit to do. the hardest thing is going to be not hanging out with the crew, but i think calvin is in the same place and everyone understands. props to the fam for being so supportive of me and cal.. i love you guys more than life itself!
anyways, i'm off to work for what is probably going to be the start of my last week there.. YAY! no more bingo people and white trash and gross icky hot dog machines.. off to my 8 hour shift!

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it's a yes.. oh yess..   
04:43pm 04/08/2003
  so much to say about core camp.. and i don't know where to start.
so i'll just state the two most important things-
#1. teddy rocks soo much. she was the best roommate in the world and i owe her times 1230872 or everything. and i'm so sad she didn't kiss spencer like she wanted to, bu she is still the greatest.
#2. i'm going to marry joe. and all the sheldon boys kick ass.

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and nobody knows it but me..   
09:19am 27/07/2003
mood: accomplished
where to even start..
i love my job. i get paid to hang out with some of my favorite people in the world, and dance around in a big kitchen to 50 cent after we close. and NO YOU CAN'T HAVE A JOB THERE. damn. last night i didn't get off til 1 though, and calvin called cause he knew i wasn't getting of til late. stupid me, because then we talked until about 4.
AND someone *else* called me last night that i haven't talked to in a long time and i was like @%_)*^&!). seriously. it was great.
rich's birthday was on thursday. i bought him dave matthews tickets, so we are going on wednesday. it's gonna be the last time we are actually gonna go out and do somethin i bet, so i'm sad. it's gonna be our last date. i'm making it harder on myself though, and right when everything is at the highest point in our relationship, at the best it's ever been, he's gonna be gone. story of my life.
i'm taking solano classes for the fall too, and some people seem to think i can't do it with cheerleading and regular school and a job and 23507 other things. which of course makes me want to do it more. i'm taking a full semester load, 15 credits. i wish i would have had the same enthusiasm to learn my sophomore year as i do now.. because now it's so important to me to do well number one, but also get something out of it. i'm so excited for college, i can't even stand it. maybe that's why i'm being sucha solano kid.
anddd speaking of college, louisville. roy did it, he's got me hooked. louisville is my second choice school, for when i don't get into nc state. and although according to people that read this journal i'm not a good cheerleading and i'm never going to be able to cheer in college, i'm going to cheer there if i go. on scholarship. on the best team in the country, nine billion time national champions. i can hate roy at times, but he is the best coach in the world and he does WAY to much for me. it took him all of about two seconds before he was on the phone with the lousiville coach. so, not to be a bitch, but when you were talking shit about me, i was working my ass off. deny it, but remember you said it and know that i know and that i worked hard to prove you wrong.
life is good.

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12:10am 22/07/2003
mood: bouncy
the day before school starts, the mud wrestling tournament is on. BE THERE.
and anyone that wants to find a partner and go against me and tyler boyles, go right ahead.
whoop whoop.

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11:59pm 15/07/2003
mood: sad
this is why i don't like you drunk.. because you can make me cry.


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i wasn't drunk, but i wasn't sober. i didn't know what i was doing.   
10:22am 15/07/2003
  friends don't screw friends over, you fucking hypocrite.
and as fast as you were in, you are out with a quickness.

if you'll do it to her, you'll do it to me. and i don't put up with that bullshit.

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go. you know you wanna.   
11:53am 09/07/2003
  music by a sexy man named chase.
listen and love it.
and then love him. cause i do. WHOA.

just kidding.

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