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Vacaville, California, United States
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abercrombie, acoustic songs, american idol, away messages, bacardi, bare skin, being engaged minus one, being serenaded, boys, calling back 7 times, candles, carmex, cell phones, cheerleading, chevys, chinese food, clay goodell, clouds, coffee, cold weather, competition, concerts, cuddling, dancing, darin, dennys, disneyworld, driving, fairies, feeling loved, feeling sexy, football, football players, formals, fsf, get up kids, giggles, girls nights, gossip girl, guitar, guys in bands, holding hands, hot tubs, hotel rooms, ice cream, infatuations, inside jokes, jessica harp, john mayer, juliana theory, kissing, late night phone calls, laughing, letters, los angeles, lotion, luck, make up, maroon 5, midtown, mini golf, mix tapes, mmhmm, morning wake up calls, movies, my darlin, nationals, ncsu, parties, pictures, rainy days, ralph lauren, road trips, rockstars, root beer floats, roses, san francisco, sex and the city, shoes, slim fast, small breast, snow, something corporate, south bay elite, starbucks, stars, sunglasses, sweaters, sweatshirts, taboo, tahoe joes, take 5, taking back sunday, the gang, the party crew, thongs, thrift center, thursday, tinkerbell, tommy girl, tounge rings, townsend, victoria's secret, web cams, wonder years

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